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What is remote support?

Coffs Coast Apple Mac offer remote support, which is perfect for resolving small issues such virus and spyware issues, computers running slower than they should be, or Windows problems or when an onsite visit is not possible. A qualified technician will connect to your desktop or laptop computer through the Internet, and you can watch all the work happen on your own screen as we take control of your machine, and get it up and running again. The whole process is entirely safe, secure, and as our software works on a single use basis, we will not have access to your machine after the repair takes place.

Service Request

Coffs Coast Apple Mac offer a managed request service. It's a free service to install on your Windows based desktop or laptop. There are add-ons for the managed request software like system monitoring and managed antivirus. These are subscription based services give us a call today to discuss your needs and options.